Kittens All The Way!

Over this past weekend, J and I drove all the way from Northern Virginia to Brunswick, Ohio to meet with Tim Zabkar, my breeding mentor, and breed Jazmine (our beautiful blue point queen!) with Sandypoints Sleighbell of Ringapurr. It's the second time I've met him, the first since he's reached maturity, and my goodness, he's a gorgeous cat. I am way-too excited about this upcoming litter. I'm hoping for a chocolate point kitten to keep for myself, but even all blue points will mean some absolutely wonderful Thais.

We got a double benefit of visiting Tim's cattery. A stud is important and all, but we got something just as great -- witnessing the birth of a litter! Tim had two litters due this past weekend, from Andromeda and Felicia, and Andromeda went into labor the morning we left. Witnessing the miracle of life never gets less interesting. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stay for the whole process, but it was nice to see some big, healthy kittens that were fathered by Sleighbell.

Now, preparations for the litter begins!

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