Cheshire Point Siamese

Kittens Are Here!

Cheshirepoint Hot Box Doll ("Adelaide") gave birth to a beautiful litter of six kittens on Friday, February 12th.

She and the boy, Blu, are both blue points who carry the "chocolate" gene.  Genetically, what this means, is that we can expect approximately 75% blue points in the litter, and 25% lilac points.  Of course, natural always has its own ideas, so I can't guarantee either color at this point in time.  Once the kittens get a bit older and start to develop their coloration, we'll know more, as well as their sex.

Click the "Contact" link above, or email us at if you're interested in a kitten from this litter.  Special consideration is given to those interested in showing in The International Cat Association.

Thai Cat Kittten Old Style Siamese Blue Point

Cheshire Point Thais

We're a small cattery located in Northern Virginia.  We focus on the responsible breeding and preservation of the native cat of Thailand, also known as the "Old-Style" Siamese.


If you're interested in a kitten, or want to learn more about the breed, feel free to browse our site and contact us for more information.