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Cheshire Point Siamese

Taking Inquiries!

We have placed all of the kittens from Adelaide's August litter.  We are now waiting on Siri, Vivenna, and Avacyn to mature enough to be able to be bred.  We anticipate having kittens in May of 2023, who will be ready to go home in August or September.  We're taking initial inquiries on these kittens.

We also have two mature females available, Adelaide, who was a breeding female, and Cassie, who had to be spayed before she could be bred.  Both Adelaide and Cassie need to go as single cats, so we're taking inquiries from people interested in them. 

Click the "Contact" link above, or email us at if you're interested in a kitten from this litter.  Special consideration is given to those interested in showing in The International Cat Association.

Thai Cat Kittten Old Style Siamese Blue Point

Cheshire Point Thais

We're a small cattery located in Northern Virginia.  We focus on the responsible breeding and preservation of the native cat of Thailand, also known as the "Old-Style" Siamese.


If you're interested in a kitten, or want to learn more about the breed, feel free to browse our site and contact us for more information.

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