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Exhibiting in TICA

All of our cats and kittens are registered in The International Cat Association, or TICA.  We regularly attend shows, primarily in the mid-Atlantic region.  If you're interested in purchasing a kitten to show in TICA, do let us know in your initial email.  Getting a show-quality kitten can take time, but is entirely worth it for the reward of seeing your little one shine with pride in the ring.

We often travel to shows in Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, and New York.  We encourage those interested in a Thai Cat to attend a show to learn about the exhibition of purebred cats, including Thais.  Special consideration for purchasers of Thais for show in TICA is always given.


We also frequently attend AKC's Meet the Breeds and assist in running TICA's Thai booth.  If you are interested in a Thai, feel free to stop by the booth and ask any questions you have regarding our marvelous breed! 

We're proud to say that both of our queens won prestigious awards in the 2016-2017 show year.  Jazmine was ranked 2nd Best Blue Point Thai in the world, and Best Thai Cat in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Kemba was ranked 3rd best Lilac Point Thai in the world, and Best Thai Kitten in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Photographs to Follow

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