RW SGC TimEZ Jazmine of Cheshire Point

Jazmine is the daughter of RW SGC CloudCity Katsumoto of TimEZ and CH CloudCity Asteria of TimEZ.  She was born May 22nd, 2014.  


Jazmine reached Supreme Grand Champion status toward the end of 2016.  This is the highest title a Championship cat can receive in The International Cat Association.  It's an exceptionally prestigious award and we are quite proud of her, as well as tremendously grateful to Tim Zabkar at TimEZ Thais for the opportunity to breed and show her.  

Jazmine is a gorgeous blue point Thai.  She is mellow, affectionate, chatty, and really is a natural-born mom.  She even moms some of our other animals, including our rabbit!

We expect our next litter from Jazmine in late Summer of 2018.

Cat Kitten Jazmine Old-Style Siamese Weichenmaat Thai Blue Point Champion