Available Kittens

We were blessed with six lovely kittens from Adelaide on Friday, February 12th.  

We have had many people interested in this litter, as it's our first in a while, but we are still taking inquiries from individuals interested in adopting.


We do not know the sex/color of the kittens yet, as they are too young to know for certain, but I'm happy to discuss if you want a specific color/sex combination, or if you're just looking for a Thai kitten in general

At our cattery, it is mandatory to sign a kitten contract to receive one of our kittens.  Our pet kittens are $800, a price that is determined to help recoup the cost of breeding and raising cats in our cattery.  This amount gets you a registered TICA Thai kitten guaranteed to be in good health from our cattery.  


You will receive a copy of the kitten's pedigree, photographs of the kitten and its litter as it grows in our cattery, and a kitten with a health guarantee.  You must spay or neuter your kitten by six months of age, or we reserve the right to repossess your kitten or charge a fee if you fail to do so.


We do not sell kittens for breeding at this time.