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Why Thai Cats?

If you want a friendly, affectionate, loving cat for a long time, this breed is for you!


Thai cats are the native pointed cat of Thailand.  In Thailand, they are known as the wichien-maat.  In the Western world, they go by many names, including "Old-Style" or "Classic" Siamese, as well as the affectionate "Applehead" Siamese, referring to the rounder shape of their skull when compared to Western Siamese.  Although Western Siamese and Thai Cats share common ancestry, Thai Cats are bred to more closely resemble the natural look of their native ancestors.


Thais are known for being personable and friendly.  Many people refer to them as dog-cats, due to how loyal and affectionate they are.  They're talkative and curious, and will always let you know how they're feeling.  In no time, your Thai will be a part of your family.  Thais get along with kids and animals, too!  Our household has a rabbit, and our Thais treat her like one of their own.


Thais also live a remarkably long time, between fifteen and twenty years on average.  This means that Thais are a significant commitment.  However, it also means that they'll be a part of your family for a big chunk of your life!


Our Thais are bred with a focus on the Thai personality.  Of course, you can never guarantee what a cat will act like, but we pair comparable personalities in order to ensure that your cat or kitten is as lovable, happy, and healthy as they can be!



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